Friday, May 29, 2015

splashes of pink + bunnies | nursery series

My daughter will enter this world in about 10 weeks and her room is a wreck and I have no idea what I am doing in there. As I mentioned here, I won't be overkill on the nursery since I want to stay within a budget and I am keeping a spare bed in that room.

To help keep me on budget and on track, I am creating some room inspiration boards - plus this will make it easier to show the husband and have him be part of the process.

Etsy is a talent pool filled with great work and I could just sit and browse forever. I found some great new pieces today from two shops. I have shopped at one of them before and purchased this for my home because we should never forget our love for dancing.

I am also obsessed with this fabric. I already made pillow cases from it and now I may be back at my sewing machine making some sheets for our sweet little daughter - because you know she'll notice her sheets.

Take a look at this room inspiration and browse the shops I listed to find each item.

Room inspiration from:
The yellow room inspiration is from Sugar and Charm.
Handmade + small shops for art.
Crib sheet tutorial.
yellow nurseryrug | pink bunny print | Jeremiah Printable Poster | bunny banner | fabric here + here

See more room inspirations here + here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

teal nursery inspiration | nursery series

A two-toned wall is a big task for someone who proclaimed she would never paint again.

This proclamation was made after the give with joy studio was painted from top to bottom and a goop of paint landed on my eyeball when painting the ceiling. I thought I would be blind. I'm not. But I still hate painting. Anyone want to paint for me? I will make you these amazing cookies.

Who knows if we will paint the walls, but one thing I know is that we can't have pink walls.

When we found out we were going to be parents to a girl, my husband said no PINK walls. He preferred dark colors, blues, yellows or no painting at all.

Here's a nursery inspiration board inspired by teals and yellows with a just a few beautiful pieces I've curated on my Etsy profile.

Room inspiration from:
The teal room inspiration is from a tour on Apartment Therapy.
I love Cotton + Steel for fabric. I can't wait to sit down and make those crib sheets.
Handmade + small shops for art.

Monday, May 18, 2015

where she will sleep | nursery series

Everyone asks about my daughter's nursery.

As much as I love decorating and creating spaces making them feel cozy and full of personality, I also don't like to spend too much money.

For the nursery, we are going to keep the guest bed in there for a while since we will be having lots of visitors and can use all the space we have. With that, I don't want to go overboard with decorating and purchasing new items unless I can support handmade shops or make things on my own (crib sheets, curtains...)

I've started to create nursery boards to help me visualize and budget accordingly and as I do so, I will share them with you. I hope it sparks ideas for your home - whether it's a nursery or not.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine's Day Cards

Last week, a handful of inspiration came to me for Valentine's Day cards. I grabbed my pencil and sketch pad and started the design process. At give with joy it always starts with pencil to paper, then ink to the sketch, then sketch to computer for digitization and editing.

It takes time. 

That's why I am showing you some of my favorite Valentine's Day cards this year - all created by illustrators and hand letters. Hover over your favorites to Pin them!

Also, I know that Valentine's Day seems like a "Hallmark" holiday, but how often do you write to your #BFF, crush or even your mom? Get writing, people. Fill those mailboxes with some lovin.

1. It's like middle school all over again except you probably wouldn't have highlighted the perks. 

Buy it here.

2. For the one you secretly admire. 

Buy it here.

3. All the single ladies…

Buy it here

4. I know what I look like in the mornings…

Buy it here

5. We love them despite their habits.

Buy it here

6. Go back to where it all started.

 Buy it here.

7. A set of postcards for friends (don't forget MOM)! 

Buy it here.

 8. And now I am hungry. 

Buy it here.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

for 2015: write more and love better

Perpetual is never-ending, never-changing.

Birthdays and anniversaries, they never-change either, yet I forget to celebrate them (I know, SMH too). How could I, the one behind give with joy, forget to send cards out?! Blame it on being busy or whatever. That's why I created this perpetual calendar - so I wouldn't forget and I could be more intentional. I created it for me. For you. For us to be better at celebrating life with one another even if it's just sending a note. Because honestly, we could be better at writing and affirming one another.

We often focus on what someone lacks vs. their unique qualities that inspire so much beauty.

So this year, focus on writing more and loving better.

Morning and Truth

As a believer. I forget. 

I forget that God says who He says He is. 
I forget to just sit and read.
I forget to just listen and pray. 

I forget the truth. 

You feel the same? 

All of our stories are different. I'm not sure how you came to your belief in Jesus. But I literally was rescued my Jesus. I needed Him to show up. I needed the weight of the world to come off my shoulders.

He showed up. 

And yet, I forget the truth. 

The journal I created for you is more than paper bond together because there are so many great journals out there. Pretty ones, functional ones, big ones, and little ones. And I really didn't want to add to the already inundated market.

I wanted to create a journal that would allow us, as women, to learn about our God's heart and to walk in step with His word. I wanted to have pages that engaged us and guided us to fill up with His glory and life.

Let's rise each morning, sit with Jesus, read truth and fall more in love with our Savior. 

(purchase a copy here)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

2014 gift guide

One of the values behind give with joy is learning to slow down. I feel like I am hustling a lot - a lot more than I would like. And when November hits, I feel like I don't get to enjoy the quiet nights that winter brings enough. I don't enjoy the wonder and joy of the season because I am running in and out of stores looking for the best gifts.

Gift giving can be stressful and I feel like I don't say that out loud because then people will think I am just cheap or selfish. Why would it ever be stressful shopping for others? Maybe because it's cold out and I can't find parking. Or the lines are long. Or because our budget is tight and I am stretching myself. Or because I feel like I am just buying a gift to say, "here, here is your gift..." that will most likely never where because you don't like it.

(d e e p b r e a t h)

I like giving gifts, I do. But I also want to sit and rest and enjoy the season with PEOPLE not stores. 

So, to help inspire joy during the holidays and create time to sit and rest with people, I've created and will continue to add to ... A G I F T G U I D E. Stephanie from Steph Loves Ben is also contributing.

It lives on Pinterest and it promotes handmade, small shops, DIY crafts, creative gift ideas, gifts that bring people + community together, and ways to support amazing social causes.

If you find nothing on the gift guide, try my Etsy lists I have created throughout the year. You'll bless someone who is working hard to build their handmade shop!

I hope it helps you create your own lists early - maybe even order online. I hope you find yourself running around less and sitting with people more over a cup of hot cocoa.

Here's to a season full of wonder and joy,
aneta nina