Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the TO-DO calendar is here

Wow! I have been wanting to share give with joy's first calendar with you all months ago, but it wasn't ready. I didn't want to create another cute calendar, but one that would inspire joy - one that would help us slow down.

When I first started designing the calendar, I had this idea to hand-letter inspirational quotes for each month. I planned out the quotes and began to sketch, but I wasn't loving it. Naturally, I gave up.

But then I prayed for creativity (yes, I prayed for the calendar). I am not joking, the next morning as I was driving into work I had this IDEA! What if I made it a TO-DO calendar?!?

I began to work out the new idea. I hand-lettered each month and created six things for you to do each month with lines for you to include your own.

You see, this calendar is inspired by our busy days. We all make lists to organize our lives and sometimes, we just forget to have fun, forget to call people back or to explore our community.

I've created lists full of experiences, not tasks, for you to do each month. You'll find a few adventures to take each month or a simple act of kindness you can do for someone else.

Here's to a new year. A year where we can slow down and inspire one another to give, live and love with joy in the midst of busyness.

Aneta Nina

Purchase your calendar today! First TEN orders get the hanger included!

Build a snowman
Bake cookies
Send a letter to mom 
Go sledding 
Donate blankets to a local shelter
Shovels for your neighbors

Send out valentines
Surprise someone with a gift
Watch a movie made before 1990
Catch up with an old friend
Donate diapers to a women's shelter
Have a picnic indoors

Invite friends over for dinner
Buy fresh flowers 
Go for a walk
Catch up with an old friend
Go on a bike ride

Clean out junk drawers
Send a letter to a grandparent
Visit a museum
Run in the rain
Have a picnic
Go to a thrift store

Bake cookies
Call a friend
Take a walk in your neighborhood
Buy fresh flowers
Send a gift to a friend
Volunteer in your community 

Send a letter to a friend
Go to a farmer's market
Watch the sunset
Clean a nearby park or your neighborhood
Have a dinner party 
Go swimming

Go on a hike
Go to a free concert
Go strawberry picking 
Enjoy a bonfire
Go out for ice cream
Go for a bike ride

Donate school supplies
Send a postcard
Make a new recipe
Go on a mini road trip
Go for a bike ride 
Look up at the stars

Watch the sunrise
Visit a pumpkin patch 
Host a football party 
Print a photo and send it to someone 
Go to a fall festival 
Send an encouraging note a friend

Carve a pumpkin
Go apple picking
Finish a book 
Take a fall scenic drive
Donate hats and gloves
Jump in a leaf pile

Host a friends giving 
Write gratitude letters for family and friends
Go out for coffee at a local shop
Donate canned food
Play a board game
Make pumpkin pie

Make handmade gifts
Go to a local theater for a holiday show
Send out Christmas cards
Go snowshoeing or skiing
Watch a Christmas movie
Go bowling