Saturday, February 22, 2014

a fresh look + the long process in photos

FINALLY I get to show you my new shop logo. But I also want to share the process.

This process took me months. Lots of sketches, erasing, emailing friends for feedback and researching took place. I like to move quickly (most of the time), but this process slowed me down. I wanted to create more than just a logo, but a brand that represented me.

Here's my process in photos:

OK let's take a break right here. All the photos above were my original ideas. Sketches I thought I fell in love with. But then I began to digitize one and realized that it wasn't working at all. 

I knew I wanted something more clean, simple and my hand lettering + sketching. I went to work and chatted with my friends (yes, I work with some of my best friends) and they all contributed something to my final plan. Then my sweet friend Rachael who has been a rock star through all my late emails and texts, sent me her sketch! She had three envelopes all aligned. I loved it! 

I took her sketch with the other ideas back to the drawing board. OK now you're caught up…below are the second set of sketches...

And finally the FINAL product! AH I just love it! Thank you sweet friends + family who inspired me to create my new logo! Do you like it? Have you ever went through this creative process for a brand?

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with joy,