Tuesday, August 26, 2014

logo designs

Remember that time I redesigned give with joy's logo and brand? It was quite the process.

Lots of sketching, erasing and starting from scratch. But the final product was worth it all and I wanted to do more. Two of my friends, both Denver photographers, asked me to help them with their logos and brands. 

Rachel needed hand lettering for her logo. So, over wine, we worked together to put together a concept. Please promise me you'll take some time this week to read some of her blog posts. This girl knows how to write (and take amazing photos). She wrote this little piece on me. 

Keep up with Green Chair Stories and Rachel here.

The Green Chair Stories was hand-lettered by me and the chair by our friends Ann + Rachel

Working with Hannah was the best. She trusted and empowered me to design a logo and help her create a brand that best represents Hannah Lesley Photographer. This girl has talent too. Look for yourself here

I started the process with Hannah at Former Future Brewing Company where we chatted about her business. Ideas started to flow. I sketched eight designs and sent them to Hannah. She picked three that she liked and we went from there until we created this one:
I hand drew and hand-lettered the logo making this a unique design. We created a business card, social media images and packaging (photos to come). It was more than a logo. It was about creating a brand for her new business reflecting her style. Follow her here.

logo + brand details 

social media images

social media images

front of business card 

back of business card

I hate the going to the dentist. It's only because every time I go, I get the news about cavities! Just pull them out already and give me dentures! I kid! But I do love going to one of the best dentist's in Denver - Nick Gagner from Hampden Dentistry. He makes appointments a breeze. 

I was lucky enough to help in his logo redesign. It was such a fun piece to work on because it was for a dental office. It stretched my creative capacity to think outside of logos I have designed in the past. I worked with him on branding and what he wants his clients to experience while at the office. 

After a few drafts and collaboration with my talented friend Ann, we found the perfect logo. The logo was hand drawn and hand lettered giving it a complete unique, fresh look.

Now, if you live in Denver, go ahead and schedule an appointment with Nick. 

Need a logo design or the whole package? Look here and here

with joy, 
aneta nina 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

#WriteMore | #LoveBetter

#WriteMore #LoveBetter isn't just two hashtags to add to my give with joy photos on Instagram.

As a women, or maybe just a human, I think we I could do a better job of loving others better - more deeply. And not just the people I call family or BFFs. I want to love P E O P L E better. I want to encourage better and flourish better and celebrate better and challenge better.

Sit down and write more. Write to someone facing a very difficult decision or someone experiencing heartbreak. Let them know they are strong and that things will get better.

Write to someone who studied their tail off and not only passed but passed with flying colors. Celebrate people's accomplishment.

Write to someone who just heard that they are having a baby. Let them know that they will be great parents.

Write to affirm. Write to love. Write to champion over each other. Write to mourn with others. Write to elevate others beyond ourselves.

Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. | Romans 12:10

Or there's this translation: Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. | Romans 12:10

Writing out our love for others is just part of the bigger picture, but I think it will help teach us to love better. So, take this informal challenge and make it priority to write more to others.

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