Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Father's Day Collection

I spent some time coming up with creative ways to say Happy Father's Day and I am pleased with this year's collection! I traded in the sappy cards for some funny ones and affirming father's in their ability to "fix things."

There's a fill in the blank card.

There's one about socks and sandals!

And a card for that great husband and great dad.

I also have cards for the Mr. Fix Its in our lives.

And the card for the patient dad (who just really wanted a vacation)!

However you choose to say it, tell the father's in your life thank you! Remind them that they are appreciated!

Shop the hand-lettered, hand drawn collection here. Use coupon code DADS14 for 15% off your entire purchase (expires June 6).

with joy,
aneta nina

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fabric Bundles + DIY Projects

Hi friends! I finally found my way out of all the boxes, cleaning and unpacking. We moved!

It's great to be in our first home together, imagining all the memories that will happen here - BUT the moving part…well…that can be over any time now.

You really never realize how much stuff you collect until you have to pack up your life into boxes. Let's just say some boxes were donated or just thrown out. It was kind of freeing!

give with joy had to be packed up and as a result I was able to sell a few extra items that I am now selling. For sale now are NINE fabric scraps that are perfect for many projects!

Here are a few DIY projects with fabric:
Cloth Napkins
Fabric Tape

Follow my Craft Board on Pinterest for new ideas.

Happy crafting,
aneta nina