Sunday, August 26, 2012

Celebrating Two Years of Awesomeness

Happy two years, to us!

In just a few days on {9.4.12}, my hubby and I will be celebrating our two year wedding anniversary {YAY}!! I still can't believe that I married my high school sweetheart. Every morning, as I turn over - I murmur four words - I love this man.

When I think about this past year together, I think of all the little, sweet moments. They are simply amazing and worth remembering forever! For instance, moving together from our precious home state - Wisconsin to Colorado. What a leap of faith that happened before we hit our first year marker! Our second year was spent in Colorado. Moving to a state as newlyweds alone made for a quite an adventure.

We spent the year learning how to start our family - we were forced to do this very early in our marriage. Being thousands of miles away from family will do that you :)

We've traveled to numerous mountain towns, hiked the beautiful rocky mountains,  took a desert road trip to the lovely Santa Fe, spent 10 amazing days in Cambodia serving the most beautiful people I've ever met, spending time with two young people, made amazing, inspiring friends and so much more.

But mainly, the second year of our marriage was a period of growth for us both. It was growth in our faith and in each other. We truly built a strong foundation on a God loving marriage.

This week, I am going to reflect on all the beautiful moments that marked us as husband and wife forever and ever!! Take a trip down 9.4.10 with me!
Kurt surprised me by playing and singing our first dance - love Kurt! 

nothing like a mother & son dance! too sweet.

is that grandma shakin it?

seester & Mickey (I will cherish our hug)

uh ya, my husband has sweet moves

look at those amazing dancers!

lovely parents & now sister-in-law
mom's have the special touch

we are family!

handsome fellas

mom & her girls

symbolizing the importance of God in our marriage and in each other

parents praying over their kiddos...

all my sisters!

my parents - XO

Mr. & Mrs.

looking forward to an amazing third year of! 

much joy,
aneta nina

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh, the places you'll go....

Today and tomorrow, I have the privilege to attend The Global Leadership Summit. I went last year and it was amazing. I was encouraged and set on fire to run after my dreams and goals with an undying passion.

So, fast forward a year, and I finally have my shop up and running. Not sure where it will go, but knowing that I am using my talent and energy to go after my dreams. Today, I am celebrating 50 LIKES on give with JOY's Facebook page. To celebrate all orders will receive a FREE card now through Sunday! YAY -  I like free and so should you!

with joy, 
Aneta Nina

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