Friday, January 31, 2014

more sketching // more of the process

I started my shop in 2012. It was an opportunity for me to be creative and share my talents with the world around me. I wanted to inspire joy and encourage people to write hand written notes.

Two years and hundreds of sales later (thank you thank you) I have received notes from customers about how they used my cards to helping a mourning friend feel joy, I have sent packages to Australia and the UK and I have seen myself grow as an artist.

When I was little I always wanted to color and draw. But when I started my shop I didn't have make time for the process. The process of sketching and erasing and sketching and erasing…I went from idea to computer and designed - It was frustrating me so…before I rang in the new year, I shut down my shop for two weeks because I needed time to think about a new direction. 

This year, you will see more hand lettered, hand drawn items that will be digitized. You will see more creative sayings (of my own) on the cards and prints. AND (very soon) you will see a new logo/brand for the shop! (side note, I was inspired by these amazing classes from SkillShare to take time to sketch and learn.)

So exciting!

Thanks to all of you so encourage and support me as I continue growing give with JOY. I just love you all!

with joy,
aneta nina

PS - Here are a few of my hand lettered, hand drawn work that is now on sale:

Monday, January 27, 2014

Weary. Cranky. Frustrated. Over-whelmed. // Running a small business

Most of you know that I work full-time for a nonprofit in Denver and if you didn't now you do. I love that my job. But working full-time means that I have to fit give with JOY in whenever I can plus invest in my relationships, community, chores…yada yada.

I am thankful for my energy, but really it comes from my passion to do my job well, create and send beautiful items out and love on my community. But I grow weary. Cranky. Frustrated. Over-whelmed.

Running a small business (even when it's not full-tine) isn't easy. It tests and challenges me. This weekend, I did a lot of comparing and complaining. Questions like, "Why isn't anyone buying my valentines" AND "Maybe my designs stink" AND "No one cares about sending mail anymore" were constant.

Yup, I was a jerk - to myself. Because I didn't set up this shop to highlight my talent, but to share my talents + skills to inspire joy. I hate when I get myself off track. I hate when I hit refresh to see if anyone has made a purchase. I hate when I look on Pinterest to see if anyone has repined my cards. AHHH so self-consuming at times. 

As much as I feel tested and challenged by running a small business I feel much joy in designing, creating and sending out the packages. It inspires me to be better - to love others better. 

So, with all that said I really just want you to buy cards. KIDDING :) but seriously if you want to check out my new stuff here's the link

But for real. Thanks for letting me be real today. I just needed to tell you all that I was a jerk to myself. I am thankful that new mercies come in the morning and my selfishness is redeemed! 

with joy,
aneta nina

Saturday, January 11, 2014

brave & courageous

(via instagram) I enter the new year with focus on the word BRAVE // "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." // Nelson Mandela
Every new year I choose a word to help me focus my thoughts, prayers, actions, goals, intentions. This year I chose BRAVE. This is my third year doing this and it's always helps me transform a heart condition of mine. 

Being brave and courageous is something I desire deeply. Life isn't promised to be easy - it's actually the opposite but thank God that He promised us His love and grace. In fact, difficult life seasons and occasions bear much fruit. But we must be brave. We must face life with confidence. With courage. And I don't always do that. I don't always say what must be said. I don't always do what should be done. And why not? Fear! I hate having fear in my life. Fear that people will disagree with me or worse - not like me. Fear that I will fail and let down someone.

And that fear holds me back from living out God's will in my life. I wait for a sign, or answers to feel safe and know for sure. I want to do the things God has for me - and those things are scary and risky - it requires bravery.

Ah fear - I am facing you one-on-one in 2014!

I am ready to be brave. To say and do things in confidence. Because if I live for Christ, then His power lives through me. I want the kind of brave that makes others life richer and deeper. I want the kind of brave that isn't about me - or my pride.

And good thing I have a husband who pushes me all the time to be brave.

with joy,
aneta nina

ps - do you have a word or something you're going to chase after?

(via instagram) If I'm going to be brave this year, I'm gonna need to wake up with this every morning // be disciplined