Thursday, November 6, 2014

2014 gift guide

One of the values behind give with joy is learning to slow down. I feel like I am hustling a lot - a lot more than I would like. And when November hits, I feel like I don't get to enjoy the quiet nights that winter brings enough. I don't enjoy the wonder and joy of the season because I am running in and out of stores looking for the best gifts.

Gift giving can be stressful and I feel like I don't say that out loud because then people will think I am just cheap or selfish. Why would it ever be stressful shopping for others? Maybe because it's cold out and I can't find parking. Or the lines are long. Or because our budget is tight and I am stretching myself. Or because I feel like I am just buying a gift to say, "here, here is your gift..." that will most likely never where because you don't like it.

(d e e p b r e a t h)

I like giving gifts, I do. But I also want to sit and rest and enjoy the season with PEOPLE not stores. 

So, to help inspire joy during the holidays and create time to sit and rest with people, I've created and will continue to add to ... A G I F T G U I D E. Stephanie from Steph Loves Ben is also contributing.

It lives on Pinterest and it promotes handmade, small shops, DIY crafts, creative gift ideas, gifts that bring people + community together, and ways to support amazing social causes.

If you find nothing on the gift guide, try my Etsy lists I have created throughout the year. You'll bless someone who is working hard to build their handmade shop!

I hope it helps you create your own lists early - maybe even order online. I hope you find yourself running around less and sitting with people more over a cup of hot cocoa.

Here's to a season full of wonder and joy,
aneta nina

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