Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Morning and Truth

As a believer. I forget. 

I forget that God says who He says He is. 
I forget to just sit and read.
I forget to just listen and pray. 

I forget the truth. 

You feel the same? 

All of our stories are different. I'm not sure how you came to your belief in Jesus. But I literally was rescued my Jesus. I needed Him to show up. I needed the weight of the world to come off my shoulders.

He showed up. 

And yet, I forget the truth. 

The journal I created for you is more than paper bond together because there are so many great journals out there. Pretty ones, functional ones, big ones, and little ones. And I really didn't want to add to the already inundated market.

I wanted to create a journal that would allow us, as women, to learn about our God's heart and to walk in step with His word. I wanted to have pages that engaged us and guided us to fill up with His glory and life.

Let's rise each morning, sit with Jesus, read truth and fall more in love with our Savior. 

(purchase a copy here)

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