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Monday, January 14, 2013

He comes to us

Confession time! The other night, I came home a bit exhausted from work. I was little "Debbie Downer" to say the least. I was hating on my shop, give with JOY. I hated designs, I hated that I didn't have time to redesign my blog. I wanted to delete it all...getting the picture here?

As I crawled into bed, I took my phone and browsed my shop some more, saying aloud the cards I was going to delete. But then something amazing happened - I accidentally hit the sold item button and at that moment my browser refreshed. It refreshed because someone just ordered the largest order ever! And she ordered cards I wanted to delete. You want to know what I did next? I cried my little heart out! I felt like an idiot because I was making this shop about me - my profit, my fame. And God, in His perfect timing, came close to me that night and encouraged me!

I  cried because I felt His arms around me. I know you probably think I sound crazy, but really that's what I felt. I heard His voice saying, "Sweet child, this shop is for My glory - My fame!" How could I get so distracted from the point? How did I allow my joy to minimize?

This woman opened herself to be used my God.  I emailed her and told her what happened and how she was used. And guess what? That week she was asking God to show her how He was using her!!!! I just can't get enough of what God does to show us how He loves us all.

So, wherever you are today and whatever you are facing, I ask that you give it to God. Be encouraged today, friend for He will come to us like rain (Hosea 6:3). 

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with joy,
Aneta Nina


  1. How wonderful! What an encouragement&i can totally relate!

    1. It truly was one of the greatest God moments. It's funny how often I forget who I am in Christ, but He's always there to nudge, encourage and to keep us going.

  2. That's awesome! God's timing is amazing. That's one thing that I'm reminded of every. single. day. He know exactly what we need and when we need it! I love those moments when He reveals himself to us. :)

    I am so glad that He told you to keep running the shop. Your work is beautiful and keep doing a great job!

    1. Hello, sweet one! I agree. IT was the BEST feeling ever - that He cares about us. He knows that we need a pick me up when we feel tired - definitely reminds that we can't do it in our strength. Right?!

      Thank you for the encouraging words!!


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